Camp Gulf Day 2

Spent day at Camp Gulf, mostly inside. Weather is partly cloudy with high winds. Can’t go to beach. We spent some time developing plans for a late summer road trip. Our tentative plan is to visit some destinations in Georgia and possibly South Carolina. Will continue to fine tune plan over the next few days. Probably a 14-20 day trip. Maddie got her hair trimmed by a neighbor Camper, and Sammy has a future appointment. Debbie and John prepared beef Stew for dinner. Afterwards, John and Tom played dominoes while the girls caught up on their favorite TV shows.

Ok, I will fill in the blanks that Tom left out. We could go to the beach but not high on our agenda. Yes, we have a groomer camping a few feet from us. Her name is Vickie. She is great! Before, our trip is over Sammy and Maddie and her two precious little dogs will become friends from their visits with her. John and Tom intentionally made more noise playing dominos than you would think possible. Yes, we were watching our TV show and it was important that we hear and the brothers were acting like their younger years as Moore brats, I think.

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The Moore Family